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The Harmony Textbook

An Introduction to Concurrent and Distributed Programming using Harmony

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Requires Python 3.6+

HarmonyLang for VSCode

  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Intelligent Code Completion
  • In-editor Visualizer
  • Automatic Compiler Installation


What is Harmony?

Concurrent programming is hard to get right. A deadlock might occur only once in a million executions, caused by the most esoteric of circumstances. Harmony makes finding those bugs easy.

  • Checks every possible interleaving of processes
  • Detects non-compilance with invariants
  • Provides the shortest path to a failing execution

Learning programming in Harmony should be straightforward to those familiar with Python or similar languages. In addition to our online documentation, we provide a textbook in PDF form with many programming examples including Peterson's Algorithm, reader/writer locks, and split binary semaphores.

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Our Primary Contributors

Robbert van Renesse

Creator of the Harmony Project

Anthony Yang

Compilers & Data Output

William Ma

Compilers & Visualization

Kevin Sun

Design & Documentation

Haobin Ni


Renyu Li

Graphical User Interface

Past Team Members

Shi Chong Zhao


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